How to write a winning award entry

Every year, numerous nationally recognised awards bodies celebrate the most accomplished businesses in the aesthetics industry. With accolades on offer for achievements in a wide range of categories, ranging from best clinic in a region to product innovations, customer service and many more. Some of the best known include MyFaceMyBody, The Professional Beauty Awards, IAAFA and the Aesthetics Awards.

In an increasingly saturated market, the ability to demonstrate recognition for delivering excellence in the form of an award can be an effective way of differentiating yourself from the competition.

Winning, or being shortlisted for an award, can help benefit your business by attracting new patients and boosting your company’s credibility, as well as gaining media attention and industry recognition. But with the aesthetics sector growing significantly year upon year, the competition for awards is tough. So, how can you maximise your chances of success?

Step 1 – Preparation is key

A successful awards entry does not just depend on a well-written pitch – you need evidence to back up your claims. Preparing for an award takes time and thought – it isn’t something you can put together at the last minute. Think about whether you are able to take on the challenge of writing the award – how much workload will it create, and will you be able to cope with this on top of your day-to-day tasks? Specifically, is this manageable for you and your marketing team? Ensuring you can dedicate enough time to write the award is important if you are to write a successful awards entry.

Step 2 – Read the criteria

Read the criteria for all categories, and decide which one you are most likely to succeed in. Rather than entering all the categories, it is worth whittling it down to the ones where you can showcase your company’s compelling data, impressive results and hard evidence. Key metrics and targets are always necessary to include in an awards entry – judges want you to be able to demonstrate success through specific achievements, as well as remarkable patient results. Most awards are focused on your company’s achievements over the last year, so make sure you keep track of any noticeable successes as and when they happen.

Step 3 – Reviews and recommendations

It’s all well and good talking about how great your own company is, but using third-party endorsements can help boost your clinic’s credibility and highlight the positive impact your business has on others. Get patients to sing your praises by including testimonials and incorporate quotes from partners and the media to demonstrate how well your company works with others.

Step 4 – Polish and perfect

Stick to the word count – being over (and under) can lead to penalties and affect your chances of winning. Also bear in mind that you don’t want to lose the judges in a sea of text – keep paragraphs to a maximum of 80 words, and sentences up to 25 where possible, in order to create a more concise and impactful read. Find a strong proof-reader in your company to check the entry before it is submitted and remember, spell check is your friend!

Step 5 – Maximise your success

So, you have been shortlisted and have (hopefully) won the award – what do you do next? There are numerous ways to leverage your achievement, including: writing a press release and distributing to local press; shouting about your achievements by posting on social media; and displaying your winner’s logo everywhere, including your website, social media, email signature and marketing materials – show that your clinic is the best of the best!

Being in the running, or ideally winning, an award brings many benefits for your company. It showcases recognition of your hard work, builds credibility and boosts confidence in your performance amongst both your patients and your staff, improving morale and motivation which should help you attract both talent and clients. While you will need to weigh up the time and effort involved with entering your business for an award, the rewards can be very beneficial for your business. So, why not consider entering some awards in 2020?

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