Guest blog: ‘Bro-tox and non-surgical aesthetics for men’

In our latest guest blog from Dr Rupert Critchley, director and founder of VIVA Skin Clinics, we explore men’s health and wellbeing within the cosmetics industry, including new treatments that are aimed at your male clientele.

The issue of men’s mental health and wellbeing has been a widely discussed subject in recent times. With both men’s health month and Father’s Day being celebrated across the country in June,  what better time to discuss the benefits of men having the opportunity to express who they are, boost their confidence and define their best versions of themselves.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the role of the beauty and cosmetics industry. Traditionally speaking this sector has not been largely associated with men – it is only in recent years that the male grooming industry has exploded onto the market. However, the male beauty and cosmetics industry has quickly extended into non-surgical aesthetics, with filler and botulinum toxin treatments for men becoming ever more popular. Reasons for changing male attitudes could include a general acceptance and normalisation of treatments in society, along with increasingly competitive working environments in which men want to look and feel their best.

With responsible and ethical practice always at the forefront of our minds, providing non-surgical procedures specifically designed for men can actually be beneficial.  An experienced practitioner can not only provide aesthetic enhancement and anti-aging solutions but also improve emotional wellbeing for male patients.


What can non-invasive cosmetics do for men?

Many men might not realise what treatments are on offer and the subtle enhancements that can be achieved. Gone are the days when dermal fillers and botulinum toxin treatments meant big lips and an expressionless forehead. Aesthetics has advanced significantly and today it is a fine-tuned art form using non-surgical products to enhance features, add definition and create alignment. For men this might mean reversing signs of aging, contouring the face or enhancing masculine features.

At my clinic I believe in taking a holistic approach to treatment, so rather than just looking at one specific area, we are looking at the face as a whole. This is a really useful approach for men’s treatments because often clients don’t have a specific idea in mind – rather they generally want to look younger or more masculine. With this it is also important to take a comprehensive view on a patient’s treatment plan. Rather than just considering the treatment itself we would be taking into account changes in lifestyle choices that may age or damage the skin such as smoking, sun exposure, drinking alcohol and dietary choices as well as looking at their skin care regime.


Treatments for men


Over time most men develop wrinkles on their forehead and around the eyes. For instance a deep frown line is very common, often caused by years of computer use and continuous squinting. ‘Bro-tox’ (aka, ‘Botox’ for men) can be used to smooth out these unwanted lines, providing youthful yet natural results.

Jawline enhancement

The perfect treatment to add definition, structure and shape to the male face. Dermal filler can be placed at specific points in the jaw to create a more chiselled, masculine jawline.

Chin filler

Lower face contours and strong chin definition are aesthetically important to a lot of men. This dermal filler treatment is a way of improving these areas and is particularly useful to help enhance the jawline and side profile.

Tear trough filler

The stress of everyday life and effects of ageing can lead to tired, overworked complexions and hollowness under the eyes. Carefully placed dermal filler can be used to re-volumise and restore this area, achieving a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance. In many cases patients should also evaluate their skin care routine and lifestyle as simple tweaks can also really help to rejuvenate tired skin.

Non-surgical facelift

 For many male patients it is the general effects of ageing that they find bothersome. In some cases this can cause a real crisis of confidence for both men and women. The non-surgical facelift is designed to mirror the effects of its surgical counterpart, by reclaiming that youthful appearance patients want. While the word ‘facelift’ may conjure up images of unnatural, drastic results, the non-surgical treatment is designed to address cheek structure, volume and definition, eye bags or hollows, nasolabial lines, jowl lines and jawline definition whilst maintaining natural looking, subtle results.

PRP Vampire Facial/ acne treatment

PRP treatments are popular among men as they can be useful in combatting a range of skin complaints. The procedure involves using the patient’s own blood that is centrifuged and purified before being re-introduced into the body at the point to be treated. The PRP facial can involve micro needling the face to create micro-channels. This allows for placement of the activated platelets and growth factors. It can also be directly injected under problem areas such as acne, scars and deep wrinkles.

PRP hair regeneration

Hair loss is a common result of the natural ageing process, particularly for men. That said, it can often be premature or patchy and can sometimes be due to certain illnesses, hormonal changes or medical factors – any of which can often be detrimental to a person’s self esteem and confidence.  Surgical hair transplants for men have been widely publicised by the media in recent years, with it becoming a popular treatment among celebrities. PRP hair regeneration is a lesser-known alternative for hair regrowth but is an effective solution for hair thinning or patchiness. It works in a similar way to the PRP facial but this time uses the body’s own built-in healing abilities, using activated platelets to stimulate hair regrowth.


As you can see there is a vast spectrum of non-surgical procedures that are ideal for male patients. With so many options out there and what can feel like a minefield of cosmetic practices, the important thing for men, as with all patients, is to do their research. Finding a clinic that has the expertise, experience and knowledge to cater for your individual aesthetic expectations and provide honest, trustworthy advice is absolutely paramount.

About the author

Dr Rupert Critchley

Dr Rupert Critchley is the lead clinician, founder and director of VIVA Skin Clinics. Since beginning his medical career at Kings College more than a decade ago, he has since developed a passion for aesthetics and established a industry-leading practice. Now dedicated to the artistry of working with dermal fillers, developing his own particular techniques and consultation methodology, Dr Rupert takes the time to train up and coming aesthetic practitioners personally.