Countries performing the most cosmetic procedures

What countries perform the most cosmetic procedures?

Results from a questionnaire sent to around 35,000 plastic surgeons across the world have shown which countries carried out the most cosmetic procedures in 2016.

Here are the top five according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IPAPS), the only organisation which collects data of this scale and scope:

  1. USA
    Procedures: 4.2m
    Worldwide percentage: 17.9%
  2. Brazil
    Procedures: 2.5m
    Worldwide percentage: 10.7%
  3. Japan
    Procedures: 1.1m
    Worldwide percentage: 4.8%
  4. Italy
    Procedures: 957,814
    Worldwide percentage: 4.1%
  5. Mexico
    Procedures: 923,243
    Worldwide percentage: 3.9%

Collectively, these top five countries account for over 40% of all cosmetic surgeries around the world.

As well as occupying the top spot overall in 2016, the USA also accounted for the most surgical breast procedures at 19% of the worldwide total but came in behind Brazil for surgery on facial treatments. Eyelid surgery was the most in demand in this area, with a total of 410,784 procedures carried out in the USA.


The gender factor

While there has been an increase in the number of men undergoing surgery, women account for 86.2% of procedures worldwide at over 20m. Eyelid surgery and liposuction are in high demand with both men and women.

Dr Renato Saltz, President of ISAPS, commented on the figures, which showed a demand that was as strong as ever:

“Around the world, we are seeing record numbers of patients looking to take advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery to look and feel better about themselves.”

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