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Holiday Home Insurance

Our competitive UK holiday home insurance provides comprehensive buildings and contents protection to cover your holiday home in many eventualities.
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UK Holiday Home Insurance

Unlike standard home insurance, we offer holiday home insurance policies as part of our landlord insurance offering that can cater for letting your property out or if you just use the project as a weekend retreat.

Our holiday home insurance policy is designed for apartments, lodges, flats, cottages or houses. We know how difficult and expensive obtaining suitable insurance for your holiday home can be and we understand that as a second home owner you may only use your property occasionally or let it.

To accommodate this, we have tailored a UK holiday home insurance policy that provides comprehensive cover whether your UK holiday home is for family use only or let on short term rental agreements.

Our brokers have over 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry and so we’re able to work closely with customers to develop the right second home insurance policy for them. No matter what the nature of your property or where abouts in the UK it exists, our flexible policies give you the cover you need, however you need it.

  • We have our own delegated and bespoke scheme underwritten at Lloyds to offer extremely competitive pricing
  • Friendly and helpful UK based underwriting and claims service
  • Option to insure contents, buildings or both
  • Superb and flexible cover without any unfair restrictions
  • Cover includes accidental damage by tenants and their guests
  • Low excesses with £100 for family holiday homes and £250 for holiday lets
  • FAQs

    Please see below some of our frequently asked questions

    • Why do I need holiday home insurance?

      A regular home insurance policy is unlikely to cover a second home, which may be left unoccupied for lengthy periods of time. Holiday homes can be seen as a greater risk because there is no one to check whether damage from weather or frozen pipes, for instance, does not escalate and lead to expensive insurance claims; unoccupied properties can be targeted by squatters or thieves; and additional problems can be caused if the property is let out.

    • Which insurers do you use for your holiday home insurance policies?

      Torus Underwriting, a part of Lloyd’s of London.

    • How much does holiday home insurance cost?

      Depending on your circumstances you can cover numerous things from the building, fixtures and fittings, landlords contents left at the let property for tenants use, loss of rent, property owners liability to name a few.

    • How would I know the rebuilding cost of my property?

      AIf you have purchased the property with a mortgage your lender will usually have a surveyor carry out a valuation, and this should indicate a rebuilding sum insured. If you do not have a mortgage valuation you can seek guidance from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors by visiting, however the only way to obtain an accurate rebuilding valuation is to enlist the services of a qualified surveyor. This may cost a little more now but could save you money if you overestimate your sum insured or save you a considerable sum if you under insure.

    • What happens if I insure my property for a lower sum insured than it would cost to rebuild?

      If you are under insured then your insurers are only liable to pay a proportion of your claim. For example if your sum insured only covers 50% of your rebuilding cost, then your insurers are only liable for paying 50% of the amount that you claim. This applies to your contents and loss of rent as well as your buildings cover.

    • How do I notify you of a claim?

      There is a simple and easy to follow claims procedures available in your policy wording brochures.

    • I do not live near the property; can my managing agent deal with the claim for me?

      Yes. We will need to receive authorisation from you confirming that you are happy for them to deal with the claim on your behalf and their full contact details. The easiest way for us to receive this is via post or email to

    • Does the holiday home insurance cover loss for rentals?

      Yes, up to 24 months loss of rent.

    • Does the holiday home insurance policy cover the property if it is also used for my own holidays or if I lend the property to friends or family?

      Yes, no problems there.

    • Does the holiday home insurance policy cover accidental damage and theft by paying guests?

      Accidental damage can be included for an additional premium. Theft by paying guests unfortunately is not covered under our policy. Theft has to be following violent or forcible entry.

    • Do I have to regularly inspect the holiday home?

      Yes, the property has to be checked by a responsible adult at least every 30 days.