Press Release: Hamilton Fraser Announces New Partnership Initiative With The JCCP

Press Release: Hamilton Fraser Announces New Partnership Initiative With The JCCP

With most practitioners now having returned to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, it is so incredibly important that they comply with patient safety and public protection standards. Therefore, we at Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance are excited to announce a new partnership initiative with the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), which will offer new policy holders a free JCCP membership*.

The non-surgical aesthetics industry has grown exponentially in the UK over the last few years. Hamilton Fraser and the JCCP share concerns surrounding limited regulation and a lack of consistency in training and qualification requirements within the sector. With over 20 years’ experience in the cosmetic sector, we understand the importance of protecting our members and their patients and striving to educate and raise standards in everything we do. We are continuously monitoring the sector and adapting our policies to support practitioners with new emerging treatments, as well as ensuring that we provide bespoke cover that supports the changing requirements of an aesthetics business.

Who is the JCCP?

Established in February 2016, the JCCP exists to provide credible regulation, protection and guidance for the public and patients in a currently unregulated sector. The JCCP aims to reduce the risk to all parties working within the sector through the establishment of a recognised vehicle for accrediting and assessing practitioners and training providers in the non-surgical sector. The JCCP also helps to assist members of the public who are considering undergoing non-surgical and hair restoration surgery treatments (injections, fillers, lasers, peels and hair restoration surgery), by providing advice on good patient safety, as well as how to find approved practitioners.

The JCCP manages registers for practitioners and approved education and training providers, accrediting them against agreed standards of practice. The JCCP register helps prospective patients to identify practitioners who operate at a high standard in the sector. To be included on the register, practitioners must comply with a strict set of educational, clinical and practice standards, as well as a set of entry requirements. Inclusion on the register is a well-recognised accolade that demonstrates the JCCP’s confidence in a practitioner’s professional standard, level of qualification(s) and experience, as well as representing a significant unique selling point for practitioners, demonstrating their commitment and contribution to the industry.

The aesthetics industry

Raising the bar in aesthetics has always been a primary concern for Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, and we strive to achieve this by endorsing better practice in policy cover, treatments, business and patient support and safety. A rapidly expanding market brings challenges with it, but it also brings many opportunities for practitioners. It is important that the evolving aesthetics industry is supported by robust frameworks and standards of safety and accountability. Recently, the JCCP raised concerns over some aesthetic training organisations claiming false accreditations and providing misleading advertising for cosmetic training courses, as well as some courses extending training to cover lay persons. The JCCP also released recent guidance for preparing for return to practice  bringing together the work of government and international reputable authorities.

The need for a robust register of reputable practitioners, who meet high standards and have sufficient training and experience to offer patients safe treatments, is of the upmost importance. It is for this reason that we give our full support to the JCCP.

Projects between the JCCP, pharmacies, manufacturers, large clinics and leading practitioners are set to develop further in the coming years. As the leading insurer within the sector we believe it is our duty to encourage and support the use of a register of safe practitioners. Because of this, Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance will be offering its new policy holders, who meet all conditions and standards for admission to the JCCP practitioner register, a free year of membership.

Eddie Hooker, CEO of Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance and JCCP Trustee, comments;

“I am really excited about this partnership between Hamilton Fraser and the JCCP. We have a history of working together and share the same vision of raising standards and putting patient safety at the heart of the sector. Regulation of the aesthetic sector is going to become increasingly necessary and important, and we at Hamilton Fraser want to support practitioners in raising their standards and improving their business processes, to provide better protection for their patients. Practitioners need to start taking patient safety more seriously and show the world how competent they are by self-regulating. Joining the JCCP Practitioner Register through this new partnership is an important way in which practitioners can play their part and show their commitment to high professional standards.”

Professor David Sines CBE, JCCP Executive Chair, comments;

“The partnership with Hamilton Fraser to substantially increase JCCP Practitioner Register numbers is not about generating profits or income but about increasing exponentially patient safety and awareness of the need to be only treated by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner. This will only take place if PSA accredited practitioner registers are populated with significant numbers of aesthetic practitioners. Our first partnership is with Hamilton Fraser, but I also invite and encourage other insurers in the aesthetics sector to come forward and discuss options with the JCCP”.

To find out more information on the work of the JCCP visit their website here. For more information on JCCP membership why not speak to a member of the team on 0333 321 9413 or email info@jccp.org.uk.

For more information please watch our video below (filmed pre-pandemic)