Meet your Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic team

Mark Copsey

Mark Copsey, Healthcare Associate Director

Mark heads up the Healthcare Division at Hamilton Fraser. He has over thirty years of experience in the insurance market, the last twenty of which he spent in the City of London across Lloyd’s Syndicates, Brokers and MGA’s. Mark has worked with affinity groups for many years, giving him the perfect foundation and understanding for working with the increasing number of specialist registered training courses and associations that Hamilton Fraser partner with.

Joining the team in September 2019, Mark is looking ahead and planning for future growth in the cosmetic sector as well as an expansion into a broader Healthcare environment. Mark is motivated through a combination of energy, creativity and drive while working with a fantastic team in an exciting and ever evolving healthcare industry.

In his spare time, Mark holidays many times per year, spends time with his family, plays golf and is currently learning Spanish.

meet jack image

Jack Styles, Cosmetic Account Executive

Jack initially joined Hamilton Fraser in 2012 whilst on a one year break from University, Jack has now been with us for over 6 years. After a taster of the cosmetic industry, he realised that it’s where all the action is and didn’t want to leave.

After joining, it did not take Jack long to achieve his Cert CII qualification. He is now working to further enhance his industry knowledge by working towards his Insurance Diploma.

For Jack, working alongside individuals from a variety of backgrounds as well as having the opportunity to quench his thirst for knowledge are just two of the aspects he enjoys most about his role.

“I enjoy building relationships with both my clients and the industry contemporaries. I love being involved in the aesthetic industry, learning about the various procedures and products available on the market”.

Jack is a fan of fine wines and medieval art; he also has a passion for fitness and goes to the gym several times a week in order to push himself beyond his limits. His personal motto is: “Do not let anybody tell you that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon”

Meet Ella image

Ella Remedios, Senior Cosmetic Account Handler

Ella is our longest standing cosmetic account handler, starting Hamilton Fraser in 2012, Ella brought with her over 7 years of extensive knowledge and sales experience.

She began her journey in the cosmetic insurance administration division and has now progressed to a leading role within the team. One of Ella’s greatest attributes is her focus and determination to mentor and help develop trainee account handlers. She helps to facilitate their transition into the cosmetic industry by spending time expanding their product knowledge.

Ella believes that a high level of customer service is important and her passion to succeed fuels her enthusiasm to provide the best customer service wherever possible. She will always go above and beyond to ensure she meets the needs and requirements of new and existing clients.  

In Ella’s spare time, she enjoys travelling into London for afternoon tea and isn’t partial to the occasional glass of prosecco with her friends!

Lee Close, Cosmetic Account Executive

Lee joined the cosmetic team 18 months ago and fit straight into the Hamilton Fraser culture.

His knowledge and enthusiasm stems from his roots as a Team leader at a small brokerage firm in Hertfordshire. With 5 years’ experience in the insurance industry, specifically, mobility insurance, Lee understands how fundamental impeccable customer service is.

His desire to progress is what drives his motivation to succeed and to complete his Dip CII certification. Lee utilises his leadership skills by assisting with the training of new starters in the team and also makes the ‘occasional cup of tea’ and brings in the occasional ‘tea cake’ too.

In a previous life, Lee represented his county playing football for England U18’s earning himself an international cap. On weekends you will regularly find him out on the golf course with friends normally hanging around the 19th tee.

meet shelly image

Shelly Hemmings, Cosmetic Account Executive

Shelly who is Cert CII qualified and brings with her 10 years of insurance experience working within the personal lines and commercial divisions. To Shelly, the single most valuable asset to any organisation is the customer, which is what drives her customer-centric approach across all of her work.

Throughout her 2 and a half years at Hamilton Fraser, Shelly has built an excellent foundation of cosmetic product knowledge. With this, Shelly is keen to promote professionalism and standards within the industry and to medical professionals. Shelly has delivered various webinars to industry bodies such as the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), and travels all over the country presenting the Hamilton Fraser Regional Evenings which are designed to assist medical practitioners to get started on the right foot, by providing them with the information needed to start or grow their cosmetic business.

Shelly is also new to motherhood and enjoys spending time with her young daughter who just like the world of aesthetic insurance keeps her on her toes!

meet emma imge

Emma Bracchi, Senior Claims Technician

Emma has 19 years of insurance claims experience and is Cert CII accredited. In 2007, Emma joined Hamilton Fraser as a claims handler, drawn to the position because of the dedicated claims team working to help customers throughout the claims process.

Emma provides assistance to help guide our practitioners through difficult circumstances to prevent any customer dissatisfaction from developing into formal claims. She provides internal claims training to all staff and enjoys offering advice, support and contributing to fact sheets and blog posts, to help educate practitioners on best practice with regards to claims.


meet lucy image

Lucy Saunders, Cosmetic Account Handler 

Lucy joined Hamilton Fraser in April 2018 as a cosmetic account handler. She has worked in the insurance sector for over 4 years and has experience in many sectors, including aviation, marine and High Net Worth. Lucy has taken on Medical Malpractice with an open mind and with an eagerness to learn and has found the industry fascinating.

She is dedicated to expanding her knowledge within the world of cosmetics by undertaking in-house training, attending annual conferences and events. She is keen to keep up to date with the ongoing trends, new aesthetic treatments and products that are consistently being introduced into the cosmetic market.

Her extensive knowledge within the insurance industry has enabled her to not only deliver informed customer interactions but to also build great foundations with newly trained practitioners who are keen to enter the industry. Outside of the working realm, Lucy enjoys getting out into the countryside, horse-riding and the occasional visit to the pub!

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Parul Dhulia, Cosmetic Account Handler 

Parul has 15 years sales experience throughout a range of Insurance products. Having served as a senior sales executive and secondment manager in her previous role, Parul joined Hamilton Fraser in May 2018 as a Cosmetics Account Handler.

She was initially attracted to this role as it was different and liked the challenging nature of a niche market. Parul provides assistance to our clients by selecting the most appropriate and bespoke insurance products to meet their requirements. She enjoys being part of the Cosmetic Team and providing online guidance to our clients.

Parul has adapted to her new role with complete professionalism and settled into Hamilton Fraser life with remarkable ease. Her existing experiences have allowed her to thrive within the cosmetic industry and provide her customers with excellent customer service.

Abbie Line, Cosmetic Account Executive

Abbie joined Hamilton Fraser in June 2018, she brought with her 5 years’ experience in a London Market Insurance environment. Whilst comparatively new to the industry of Medical Malpractice, Abbie is delighted with the progress that she has made and is excited to develop her knowledge in the cosmetic sector.

Abbie attends exhibitions and in-house training sessions, meets with prospective clients on a regular basis and keeps up to date with industry developments. This will allow her to confidently excel in the cosmetic industry and develop a deeper understanding of her customers’ needs.

In Abbie’s spare time, she enjoys taking her dog for long walks, holidays and going to the cinema.

Nellie Harris - Cosmetic Team

Nellie Harris, Assistant Cosmetic Account Handler

Nellie joined Hamilton Fraser in 2017 starting in Accounts, realising her passion for the world of cosmetics shortly after Nellie joined the Cosmetic Team November 2019.

Nellie is dedicated to expanding her knowledge by undertaking in-house training, attending annual conferences and events.

Being client focused motivates Nellie, where she provides assistance to our practitioners by selecting the most appropriate and bespoke insurance products to meet their requirements. She enjoys being part of the Cosmetic Team and providing online guidance to our clients.

In Nellie’s spare time she enjoys reading, fancies herself as a bit of an eating connoisseur & worshipping (as well as cleaning) the ground her cat walks on.