Seasonal marketing: boosting your clinic’s performance

The many celebratory festivities, holidays and events that take place throughout the year offer the perfect opportunity for businesses to really hone in on their seasonal marketing.

Whether it’s around bigger merriments such as Christmas, or smaller celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, your marketing efforts can be tailored accordingly. So, where to start?


Timing and preparation are key when it comes to targeting your audience with a specific seasonal marketing campaign.

Firstly, begin by setting aside some time to put together a yearly calendar with all the major and minor festivities and happenings. At this stage, don’t disregard smaller events; it’s always good to have them on there just in case you later have a brainwave.

Next, for each calendar event ask yourself, ‘what’s my message?’ What are you trying to say to your audience to entice them to come and spend money in your clinic or boost its reputation? Consider, for example, the below:

Discounts – 10 per cent saving when purchasing two sun creams or £10 off winter facials when booked this week

Offers – Buy one get one free on select products or free consultation on your next treatment

Launches – New cellulite treatment available in clinic for summer holiday season or come try the new ‘New Year, New Me’ body sculpt treatment


 Consider how much of your marketing budget you are willing to put towards your seasonal efforts.

A lot of businesses spend the bulk of their budgets during peak sales periods such as Christmas, when clients want to look their best for office parties; and summertime, when patients want to look rejuvenated for weddings and holidays.

If you know it’s a busy period in your clinic then there’s no reason to hold back on spending, as your revenues will more than cover it.

Tailor treatments

Why would you promote laser hair removal in winter and deep chemical peels in the summer? You know that these treatments can be season specific as hair removal is popular in the sunnier months and deep chemical peels are less so, as they require clients to avoid sunlight.

Think specifically about which treatments are going to be most in demand at which time of year. For example, for Valentine’s Day you could boost marketing efforts around lip treatments for those feeling romantic, and in January, boost body-contouring treatments for those looking to get in shape.

Pick products

 If you sell products in your clinic then you want to ensure that these are tailored to each season. For the summertime, make sure you stock up on SPFs and tanning lotions. Over winter, stock luxury hand and body creams for dry skin.

Don’t forget gifting, too, especially around periods such as Christmas. You don’t even have to spend a lot of your budget buying pre-made gift sets; try picking three products you know your patients love, that fit with the current season, then put them into gift bags tied with ribbon, with a 10 per cent saving.

Utilise all channels

 You want to shout out about your promotions from the rooftops, so make sure you are not relying on a single sign in your shop window. Make the most of your social media platforms, using enticing imagery of your clinic or products.

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Direct mail might be seen nowadays as ‘old fashioned’, but the truth of the matter is, it still very much has a place in marketing. Target your loyal customers and send them a special invitation to come for their ‘winter skin revival treatment’ offering a 10 per cent saving or a free skincare miniature.

365 Marketing

Having an aesthetics business is a real bonus when it comes to seasonal marketing, as no matter what the occasion is, people are always willing to invest in themselves. But don’t forget that patients have personal events going on all year round, and it’s always good to have enticing offers in place for occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

For more information on the best marketing techniques for aesthetic practitioners download our handy guide.

Happy marketing!