Men’s Health Week – an opportunity to boost your male clientele?

June is a month where the spotlight is very much on men – Men’s Health Week will be taking place from 10 – 16 June, which also happens to be Father’s Day.

Men’s Health Week aims to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease amongst men. It focuses on getting men to become aware of problems they may have or could develop, and find the courage to seek support and guidance.

The emphasis on men’s health this week offers a timely opportunity to open the door to more male clients; the focus on health problems creates scope for practitioners to discuss the impact an unhealthy lifestyle may have on skin and premature ageing, and the treatments you can provide to combat it.

A female-dominated arena

The cosmetic and aesthetics sector is still predominantly targeted at women. However, men are increasingly turning to cosmetic treatments, especially as they become more accessible and accepted for men.

Cosmetic treatments are just as beneficial to men as they are women.  Here are some top tips for encouraging more men into your clinic.

Tips for boosting male clientele

  1. Create the right setting

Cosmetic clinics and treatment rooms have tended to be been tailored to women.

Clinics can often have a rather feminine feel about them. From interior decor and posters featuring just women, to ‘women’s’ magazines – it is all subliminally conveying a message to the customer that this is a space for women, and may leave male customers feeling unwelcome.

Of course, as a majority of your clients are likely to be female, you don’t want to completely de-feminise your clinic setting, but if you are looking to boost your male clientele you could include a few masculine touches. Why not try:

  • Adding some male-target magazines in your waiting area to make it a more pleasurable waiting experience for all of your clients
  • Including images of men in any decorative features or marketing, helping to reaffirm your clinic’s commitment to procedures targeted at men
  • Ensure male-targeted skincare ranges or products you stock are displayed prominently, again showing your commitment to male treatments. This may be an opportunity to create a unique selling point for your clinic, featuring the very best new treatments and products on offer for men, differentiating you from your competition!
  1. Market to your target clientele through your existing clientele

Just because you have a higher female clientele it doesn’t mean you can’t target them with your male treatments, too!

They are likely to see this marketing and could recommend your treatments to their husbands, fathers or sons. Most women confess to having been the prime purchaser of their partner’s toiletries, especially during the weekly shop, and women are key influencers when it comes to their partners.

Your female patients are not only likely to recommend your treatments to their partners, but they may even book an appointment on their behalf, there and then. In addition, any clients who have had a positive experience with your clinic will be more likely to recommend you to friends and family, regardless of whether they are male or female. So,  be sure to provide a fantastic customer experience and understand the wants and needs of your specific target audience. Find out more in our guide about how to best market your cosmetic business.

  1. Utilise your digital space

Just as you need to ensure your physical clinic is visually appealing to men, the same applies to your website. Make sure you have a prominent area of your site dedicated to the male treatments and products you offer.

And don’t forget to utilise your social media channels to deliver male-targeted messaging and treatment options. Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day  are perfect opportunities to advertise what you offer, as well as to promote any special treatment packages you are running linked to these events. You could advertise a couple’s package, encouraging patients to come along together, making a trip to the clinic less intimidating for male patients who may not have undergone a procedure before.

Changing Times

Over the past few years, the number of male patients in aesthetic clinics has steadily risen, demonstrating a changing attitude towards cosmetic treatments for men and a reduction in the stigma once associated with cosmetic procedures.

Although it may be some time yet until we see a 50/50 split between male and female clients, now is the perfect moment to encourage more potential patients from this largely untapped male clientele base, and ensure that you provide treatments that benefit both male and female patients.

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