Hot and stormy weather warning…a perfect recipe for property claims

Forecasters are predicting that the long-awaited sunshine resembling that of the scorching summer of 2018 is set to arrive this week – but with the hot weather comes a high risk of violent thunderstorms too.  Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance says this could lead to a surge in property claims based on analysis of their 10-year historic data, and is issuing a warning to all landlords and property owners ahead of the mixed weather.

In August 2018, Hamilton Fraser received a claim from a landlord after the sun’s rays reflected off the window causing the heat to set the curtains on fire. The heat also burnt the plastic window frames and glass causing nearly £2000 of damage.

In a similar case, a tenant left his magnifying mirror in the bedroom next to the window. Again, the sun reflected off the mirror through the window burning a large hole in the plastic of the window frame.

“It’s not something many of us would even consider, but last year the exceptionally hot weather brought more unusual claims such as these. Even though these cases are rare, in extremely hot weather it is a good idea to keep curtains drawn, at the very least the strong sun can discolour furniture and carpets.  We also advise people to refrain from putting garden mirrors up as these too have been known to cause fires.”

– Melissa Choules, Senior Claims Technician at Hamilton Fraser

In addition to the hot weather, forecasters have also predicted heavy storms in some parts of the country.  Although the UK does not tend to experience storms as frequently as other western countries, major UK storms do significant damage to properties every year, making storm damage the second most common insurance claim.

Hamilton Fraser’s research shows how maximum gust speeds closely correlate with storm claims, meaning property owners should pay attention to storm warnings and take preventative measures, particularly to loose roof and fence panels, which account for 51% of all storm damage.

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