Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP)

The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners has been established as a vehicle to promote patient safety in the world of non-surgical aesthetics.

About the JCCP

In January 2016, Health Education England (HEE) released a report setting out a new framework for all professions providing non-surgical procedures covering injectable treatments, fillers, peels, laser and light and hair restoration surgery.

Following this, various organisations within the cosmetic industry came together to establish an autonomous industry body to consolidate and implement the HEE recommendations for qualification standards within the industry.

The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) was established to be a register of practitioners and approved education and training providers with the overarching aim of ensuring patient safety within the non-surgical sector. It represents all professional disciplines including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and nurses, dentists and beauty therapists.

In addition the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) was also established to set out the practice standards for the non-surgical sector and collect the data on adverse incidents and complications.

The main reasons for establishing the JCCP were to provide a credible regulation, protection and guidance for the public/patients in a sector which is presently unregulated. There was a requirement for the industry to establish a body for accrediting and assessing practitioners and training providers which in turn would help reduce risk to all parties in the sector. The CPSA have a set of clinical standards that can be used for registration and the development of a set of accredited and recognised education / training qualifications, programmes and bodies.

The key functions of the JCCP are to upgrade the Health Education England (HEE) educational and qualification framework for non-surgical treatments with clinical and practice based standards devised by independent and voluntary experts. In addition, it is a focal point for the collection of data on adverse incidents and complications arising from non-surgical treatments.

The register is public facing meaning that patients seeking non-surgical treatments will have visibility of practitioners who are registered and their level of qualifications.

There are many stakeholders from a variety of different areas of the sector who have come together in order to set the standards. HF Resolution Ltd, part of the Hamilton Fraser Group was appointed the administrators of the register which went live on 1st March 2018.

Membership of the register not only represents a ‘kite mark’ for the public to source appropriately qualified practitioners and compliant clinical facilities but will also register courses and training providers for the guidance of practitioners looking for accredited education and training.

Supplier driven training, and that without the accreditation of an Ofqual awarding body, university or other accrediting organisation endorsed by the JCCP, will not be acceptable for entry onto the register.

Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance supports initiatives that raise standards in the industry such as the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners.

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