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Make a claim

When you wish to make a claim or seek information relating to an existing claim please call our expert claims team who will be able to assist you. We will tell you immediately if we believe your claim will be covered and then inform your insurance company for you. Our goal is to make sure that you are provided with help at every stage of the claims process until a conclusion is reached.

 Medical Malpractice Claims

  • Our Cosmetic Insurance policies are underwritten on a “claims made basis”. This means that we can only deal with a claim notified to us whilst your policy remains live with us (at the time of notification only) and additionally that your policy was in force at the time of the incident for the procedure that resulted in the claim.
  •  Once you are made aware of the complaint (even if it’s a potential complaint) advise us as soon as possible
  •  We will ask you for a full statement, preferably in writing, concerning the circumstances surrounding the complaint to ensure that we fully understand your position
  •  Never discuss your insurance claim with the claimant
  •  Do not communicate, either verbally or in writing, with the claimant or their legal representatives without the prior agreement of ourselves or the insurers
  • Never appoint your own solicitor to act for you without our prior agreement.
  • Doing so will invalidate your cosmetic insurance policy
  • Always keep full client notes and information relating to any treatments  performed and conversations held between you and your client

 Surgery Insurance or Clinic Insurance Claims

  •  Tell us immediately of any event or occurrence which may result in a claim
  •  Notify the police immediately of loss, destruction or damage caused by malicious persons or thieves
  •  Provide us with a written claim containing as much information as possible of the loss, destruction, damage, accident or injury, including the amount of the claim
  •  Provide us with all information and help we require in respect of the claim