Make a landlord insurance claim

Talk to our claims team

Call on: 0203 907 1780
Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm
(excluding bank holidays)

To report a claim outside of these times, please report a claim here and a member of the claims team will get in touch on the next working day to assist you.

What will you need when you call?

Our claims experts will ask you for the following so please have it to hand:

  1. Your policy number and personal details
  2. What happened, including where and when the incident occurred
  3. Any documents or photographs to support your claim
  4. A crime reference number if the claim relates to malicious damage, theft or a break-in


Make a landlord insurance claim

Call our experts on 0203 907 1780 or report a claim online

What to do in the event of a claim

Make a landlord insurance claim

  1. If you’ve experienced malicious damage, theft or a break-in, report it to the police who will provide you with a crime reference number – you will need this for insurance purposes
  2. Where possible, make the property safe and secure by carrying out emergency repairs to avoid further damage. Engage the services of a professional if necessary – remember to retain all receipts or invoices so that these costs can be considered as part of your claims
  3. If the property is unsafe, for example if you’ve experience a fire or flood, please ensure that it it sealed off and no one is granted access
  4. Take date and time-stamped photos if it safe to do so
  5. Contact the Hamilton Fraser claims team on 0203 907 1780 to notify them of the situation and begin the claim process

Our claims process

  1. The first time you speak to a member of our claims team regarding a new claim, we will let you know whether we believe your claim will be covered based on your policy
  2. Once it’s established that the claim will be covered, your claim will be reviewed in more detail and our claims team will advise you on the next steps to take
  3. We will also assign you with a dedicated claims handler – so you don’t have to repeat yourself each time you call
  4. Your dedicated claims handler will keep you informed every step of the way until your claims is successfully concluded

Make a landlord insurance claim