Residential Landlord Insurance

If you rent out a property, you need residential landlord insurance as a normal home policy will not provide the cover a landlord needs.

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Investing in property is a significant financial step, and although landlord insurance is not compulsory, protecting your investment is a sensible financial decision.

The aim is to provide the right cover for the right customer.

Total Landlord Insurance recognises that if you own and rent out a single buy-to-let home, you probably do not need all the bells and whistles a larger company customer would benefit from.

That’s why we offer Essential cover that looks after the basics and a Premier service offering a much wider-ranging policy.

The important factor is customising the package, so you have the cover you need and do not pay for add-ons you will probably never use.

What does residential landlord insurance cover?

Residential landlord insurance covers a range of issues that could pack an expensive surprise.

The package comes in two parts:

  • Buildings insurance – this covers the fabric of the building from the roof down to the foundations, including gutters, fences, gates and outbuildings.

Buildings insurance is typically a condition that comes with a buy to let mortgage, so although optional, you may have to take out the cover as part of the deal.

If you let out flats, the management company or leaseholder probably has buildings insurance in place, so you do not have to worry about taking out your own policy.

  • Landlord contents insurance – the easy way of working out what is covered is to turn the building upside down and everything that falls to the bottom is probably part of the contents.

Landlord contents cover is of interest if you let out furnished homes. This deals with repairs or replacement to furniture, free-standing white goods, carpets and other soft furnishings, for example.

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How does residential landlord insurance work?

Residential landlord insurance takes the financial pain and stress away from property investors.

If you should make a claim under one of the policies, a team of expert claim handlers will take over straight away.

They will assess the claim and negotiate any settlement, leaving you to carry on running your business without the worry of dealing with disgruntled tenants.

The policy will pay any legal costs and other bills associated with the claim, while looking after any compensation payment.

Looking after the small but important things

Residential landlord insurance looks after the small, but important things for you.

It’s not often a disaster happens, but small things go wrong all the time, and these are the issues that lead to complaints from tenants and need looking at quickly. They can also turn out as expensive to put right and can make a big dent in your rental profits.

That’s where good insurance cover comes in. when you want a hand to put things right, you need to know you are covered.

For instance, most standard residential landlord insurance policies do not cover malicious damage to your property – and many exclude damage by a tenant.

Yet, this is one of the most common claims under landlord insurance policies.

Another expensive claim is making good trace-and-access by tradespeople like plumbers and electricians who need to lay or repair pipes or cables.

Our residential landlord insurance includes cover for accidental or malicious damage and trace-and-access claims.

The big things are covered, too

Although the small things are well looked after, so are the big ones.

If the roof blows off, our residential landlord insurance will make sure you are covered.

If the tenant leaves a tap on and the bath overflows, we’ll deal with that as well.

With our landlord insurance, you can sleep in peace knowing we’ve got you covered whatever happens – subject to terms and conditions, of course.

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Essential and Premier cover

You can choose the best level of cover that suits you and your property business.

Essential looks after all the basics, while Premier offers much more.

For instance, essential gives 30-days cover when a rental home is empty awaiting tenants, while Premier extends this to 90 days.

Premier will also pay the rent if tenants must move out due to an insured emergency; cover repairs and damage to CCTV and even take the sting out of paying for the removal of wasp and bird nests.

Cover to suit all landlords

Residential landlord insurance is not just for professional landlords with lots of properties.

Cover is tailored to cover every landlord – from the ‘accidental landlord’ letting out a home that won’t sell or a single investment to property management companies with large numbers of homes on their rosters.

Landlords come with property businesses of all types and sizes – including buy-to-lets, shared houses and blocks of flats.

Whatever your property business, we’re there to help when you need us most.