Commercial Property Insurance for Owners

If you own a commercial property or block of flats, then our commercial property owners insurance for landlords is right for you.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we understand the unique requirements that businesses from all backgrounds require from their policies.  Part of our landlord insurance, our commercial building and property insurance gives you the flexibility to build cover that’s just perfect for your needs.

We have selected a panel of major insurers who offer a wide variety of polices, ensuring that we’re able to meet your specific needs. Whether your commercial property is a shop, office or block of flats, we will source a commercial building insurance policy that gives you confidence that you are correctly covered should the worst happen, leaving you to concentrate on getting the most out of your investment.

Why choose commercial property owner’s insurance for landlords?

  • Cover from some of the most respected insurers in the UK market
  • Bespoke property owners’ insurance to meet your precise needs
  • Independent advice on the best commercial property insurance policy for you
  • Compare commercial property insurance quotes from our panel of insurers

  • Buildings insurance
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Business contents insurance
  • Property owners liability
  • Employer’s liability (where legally required to do so)
  • Terrorism cover
  • Loss of rent cover
  • FAQs

    Please see below some of our frequently asked questions

    • What is an indemnity period?

      The maximum length of time a client can claim for loss of rent this can be 12 months 24 months or 36 months.

    • What is property liability cover?

      Covers you in the event that you are deemed liable for damage or harm to a third party or property.

    • What is employers liability cover?

      Covers you in the event that you are deemed liable for harm to a person in your employment.

    • How do I find out my building sums insured?

      Through surveyors reports/mortgage valuation reports or visit www.bcis.co.uk where you will be required to know the size of the property.

    • What is declared value?

      The expected value of how much it will cost to completely rebuild the property including fees on the 1st day of insurance.

    • What is the day one sum insured?

      The day one value is a form of index-linking and allows for inflation during your period of insurance. The declared value must be accurate on the 1st day of insurance for this to be correctly calculated.

    • What is terrorism cover?

      Terrorism is an act to purposely cause damage or harm carried out by a person/organisation with religious or political views. The government must deem this act as terrorism.

    • What is property owners insurance?

      Insurance cover for a property that is let to a 3rd party who trades a commercial business from the property.

    • Can I get cover for the property if I run my own business from the premises?

      If you run your business from the premises you will require a package policy to cover all your needs and requirements.

    • What do I do if my tenants leave and is no longer trading from the premises?

      This will be deemed as unoccupied and you must contact us immediately in order for us to inform your insurers.

    • Which insurers do you use for your commercial property owner policies?

      We use a panel of UK leading insurers including Axa, Aviva and Allianz.

    • Can you provide cover for a listed building?

      Yes, we are able to provide cover for listed buildings.

    • What does property owners liability insurance cover?

      Property owners liability will provide cover against your legal liability for death or bodily injury (other than to an employee) and / or loss or damage to third party property arising out of your ownership of property.