Top tips for expanding your clinic

The aesthetic market is growing at a staggering pace – The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that over 21.6 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures are performed every year. As the industry becomes more and more saturated, businesses need to up-scale their treatment offering to remain competitive and meet the demands of their patients. Once your business is established, and you are making a profit on the products and services you sell to customers, you may want to start thinking about how to grow. One way to do this is to expand your clinic – but it is no easy task; there are many aspects to consider and processes to follow.

Hiring new staff

As your company grows, so will your staff numbers. You should ensure your new clinic site has its own clinic manager who will oversee operations. One way for the clinic manager to become familiar with your company’s operations and processes, is to train them in your primary clinic to ensure they understand your day-to-day processes and working structure. It is also a good idea to employ a sales and marketing manager to help generate new leads, undertake PR activities and increase new revenue.

Medical practitioners and reception staff will need to be employed, and it is important for them to be trained to the same standard as your existing staff. General in-house training combined with health and safety and product training from equipment manufacturers will help your new recruits understand how to offer quality treatments and communicate with patients in the best way.

Build on your knowledge

Expanding your clinic provides you with the opportunity to increase your service offering, but to do that effectively, you will need to develop your skillset and knowledge. Attending industry masterclasses, seminars and workshops will earn you continual professional development (CPD) points which evidence your knowledge and development in the aesthetics specialty. Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance’s annual Aesthetic Business Conference (ABC), for example, can help equip aesthetic practitioners with the business expertise required to run a practice.

It is also important to constantly improve your knowledge through undertaking regular industry training to ensure that you are constantly up to date with the latest techniques. You can find out more about how to choose the right training course for you here.

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Brand consistency is key – customers should be able to identify your clinic easily, so it is important to use the same colour scheme, interior design, furniture and marketing material across all clinics.

You may wish to do this yourself, or to save time and to get the right expertise, appointing a branding consultant or agency may be a good idea. Having brand guidelines in the form of a ‘brand book’ can help to ensure consistency – that all staff members are aware of how your clinic is positioned, what fonts and colours should be used and any restrictions or guidelines when it comes to the logo.

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Medical malpractice claims are becoming increasingly costly, so malpractice insurance is crucial to protect you against any potential costs and damages you may become legally liable to pay. As well as medical malpractice insurance, Hamilton Fraser also offers clinic insurance to protect your cosmetic clinics, drugs and equipment against loss or damage; cyber liability insurance to cover you in the event of a data breach; and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance which protects staff from both a health and safety claim or an employment claim.

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Expanding your customer base

Having a solid customer base is vital for a new clinic. One way of getting your clinic noticed is by promoting it on social media via paid-for advertisements, where you can target people based on demographics like their age and location. Sharing the news of your expansion in local newspapers or through organic posts on your company’s Facebook or Instagram pages can help raise awareness of your clinic’s offerings and boost enquiries.

Be sure to do your research into the area surrounding your new clinic – do people want different treatments or are they looking for greater appointment flexibility? Each clinic, although still providing your usual core quality service, may need to be slightly tweaked to accommodate your new demographic, and this is therefore something to be mindful of when appealing to new customers.

For example, with a rising number of men seeking cosmetic procedures this could represent an opportunity to also boost your male clientele and appeal to a new target audience when opening your new clinic.

Having a referral scheme, where your loyal customers get rewarded for recommending that friends and family book treatments in one of your clinics, is another way to get your brand noticed, while gaining and retaining both new and old customers. This can also be a good way to encourage clients to try out one of your other clinics with a small welcome incentive that thanks them for being a loyal customer.

Expanding your clinic can be a time consuming and often costly affair, however getting all aspects of your launch aligned from the start can help you to run more than one successful business, and reap the rewards for your hard work and dedication.

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