5 things students look for in their accommodation

Many factors tie into a student’s accommodation choice, and each student’s needs vary, so it’s important that your offering covers the main bases of what the typical student looks for on their house-hunt.

To make sure your property stands out amongst the competition, we’ve put together a list of five highly demanded items students now want from their accommodation that you should be offering.


1. A double bed

5 things students look for in their accommodation | Modern double bed with bedside tablesThere was a time when a regular single bed would’ve been adequate for the carefree student, but students now look for a double bed.

A double bed is more than a place to rest their head; it’s also a study area, a Bake Off-marathon spot, and a prime gossip pad during a sleepover.



2. High-speed wi-fi

An internet connection is no longer a luxury in the digital world – every student accommodation has to have it, and it has to be fast. Although more and more landlords are starting to offer pre-installed internet, many students are still experiencing low-speed connections that are just not good enough for working, movie-streaming, socialising, or keeping in touch with family – all of which take place online. So without a stable internet connection in your property, you’re essentially alienating a mass audience of student tenants and reducing the chances of them choosing your property.


3. A TV

5 things students look for in their accommodation | TV set on wall unitYou may think “What do they need a TV for when they already have high-speed broadband that they can stream Game of Thrones with?” but a TV is so much more than just a window to the dragon-infested world.

It can be used for video games and other entertainment too – it’s really an essential part of the furniture that can help new students feel more at home and keep restless ones occupied.

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4. Communal spaces

It’s important to take into consideration that for most of your prospective student tenants, this is their first time moving away from home.

By offering social spaces – like a large kitchen and dining area, or something with a bit more excitement, like a mini cinema or a games room – where they can… well, socialise,

will add a few homely touches that’ll help them feel more included and settled.

Creating communal spaces for your future tenants to take part in group activities, and giving them the opportunity and the space to wind down from uni with fellow students will give your property an extra edge over the rest.

5. Comfy furniture

The look and the feel of a room can make or break a buying-decision process, and students won’t hesitate to turn away and look elsewhere if they feel that the furniture has seen better days.

Therefore it’s vital that the space you’re showcasing is furnished in a way that attracts the attention of students at the quickest of glances – and chic and comfy furniture does just that.