A property investment pandemic - where have all the good ones gone? (2020) – Hamilton Fraser's Property Podcast

Hamilton Fraser’s Property Podcast is back with another remotely recorded episode. In the latest episode, Eddie and Paul are joined virtually by their special guest Jonathan Schuman, an established portfolio landlord, and the owner of Magnet Properties, with 400 properties under management.

With years of experience in the property industry, including as an estate agent and chartered surveyor, Jonathan provides his unique insights into how he began his large-scale diverse portfolio of residential, commercial and retail properties.

Jonathan has seen his fair share of changes throughout the property industry and discusses with Paul and Eddie how the current financial climate, related to COVID-19, could impact property investments long-term and whether this mirrors challenges faced by landlords during the 2007 financial crisis.

Eddie, Paul and Jonathan discuss how the current pandemic has changed landlord and tenant relationships. Jonathan explains how he has adapted his approach with tenants as a result of COVID-19 and how it has positively impacted his relationship with them, which he comments is an ‘important lesson to be learnt’.

In a period of continued uncertainty, Eddie asks about the biggest challenges currently facing residential landlords and asks Paul and Jonathan if rent reductions and deferments could push potential issues further down the line at the end of the tenancy.

Looking to the future of property investment Eddie, Paul and Jonathan also discuss the future of the sector post-COVID, encourage landlords to work with their tenants through mediation and explain why landlords should think like a business long-term.



Missed the previous podcasts in the series? Don’t worry, you can catch up with industry news here!

Previous guests include:

  • Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA)
  • Matt Hooker and Nick Hamatsos, Co-Founders of Ome, a new breed of deposit replacement scheme
  • Sean Hooker, Head of Redress at the Property Redress Scheme
  • Kate Faulkner, market analyst, commentator and co-author of ‘The Landlord’s Friend’
  • Tessa Shepperson, residential property lawyer and Managing Director of Landlord Law                 

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