Stress-free student letting: a landlord’s checklist (infographic)

Student properties offer landlords some of the highest rental yields in the UK. And the regularity of the student rental cycle offers a degree of flexibility and stability that other types of rentals within the private rented sector struggle to match.

But student tenants can need a little more support than their professional counterparts. And there are potentially costly regulations that all student landlords have to comply with.

For these reasons, it’s important that student landlords arm themselves with as much information as they can. To make life easier for you, we’ve rounded up all of the essential student rental insights in one handy infographic.

From drawing up contracts to furnishing and maintaining student properties, these tips are essential for anyone considering the student rental market. And useful for those who are already in it.

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 Stress-free student letting: a landlord’s checklist (infographic)

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Here is our infographic with top tips for stress-free student letting and getting the most out of your investment