The good landlord quiz: See the results

Most landlords are hard working business people, doing everything in their power to do right by their tenants.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, we’ve seen just how flexible and accommodating landlords can be. Despite navigating turbulent times themselves, many landlords have shown compassion and care for their tenants in the light of job losses and financial pressure.

We wanted to find out just how much they are doing to be the best landlords possible so we came up with a quiz – who doesn’t love a quiz, after all? An incredible 3,000 landlords answered our probing questions.

Unsurprisingly, the results showed that most landlords are doing everything they should be – and more.

Want to know where you rank as a landlord? Find out by taking our quiz.

What makes a good landlord?


1. Are you flexible with rent payments?

Within the context of the pandemic, one of the things we really wanted to know was how flexible landlords were with rent payments and arrears. With the unemployment rate at 5.1 per cent (the highest rate since the mid-80s), many tenants have struggled to make ends meet. How have landlords responded?

We were pleased to see that a whopping 76.8 per cent of landlords were willing to consider flexibility on rent payments. Only 1.1 per cent said they offer no flexibility at all.

The good landlord quiz: see the results


2. Is anyone there?

One of the most important aspects of being a good landlord is communication. After all, you are running a business, and your tenants are effectively your customers. If your tenants need your help with any aspect of the property, they need to know you’ll respond quickly.

As it turns out, some of the landlords who took our quiz are like greased lightning when it comes to responding to tenants’ enquiries. An impressive 40 per cent respond within an hour! While a further 57.1 per cent are also efficient at getting back to tenants, responding within 24 hours.


The good landlord quiz: see the results

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Here is our infographic with the key results from the good landlord quiz

3. Inspection time… how much notice do you give?

Tenants don’t want you intruding. While they’re living there, your property is their home. That’s why it’s best to give as much notice as possible before inspecting a property.

Reassuringly, 44 per cent of landlords give a week’s notice before a property inspection. However, almost a third (31.3 per cent) only give tenants 24 hours’ notice.

This isn’t actually contravening regulations – landlords only need to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice – but giving a little more notice might make your tenants feel more comfortable, and ensure the landlord-tenant relationship remains warm yet professional.

The good landlord quiz: see the results

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What does it take to be a good landlord? These are the basics,

4. Are you part of a landlord association?

Landlord associations are good news – for landlords and tenants alike. They can help you stay up to date with ever-changing regulations and laws. They’ll also offer advice and assistance if you’re dealing with challenging tenants or difficult situations, such as domestic violence within one of your properties. In a nutshell, associations help landlords become better at what they do, which is good for everyone.

We were delighted to learn that 59.5% per cent of landlords are members of a landlord association.

The good landlord quiz: see the results


5. Boiler checks: nick of time or timely fashion?

Boiler checks are crucial. Apart from the obvious safety threat, a broken boiler in the middle of winter can leave your tenants without heating and hot water, just when they need it most.

Our quiz found that the overwhelming majority – 64.9 per cent of landlords – carry out boiler checks well in advance. But, over a third – 33.7 per cent of those we asked – said they got their inspections sorted out ‘in the nick of time’.

The good landlord quiz: see the results

Download our FREE infographic

Here is our infographic with the key results from the good landlord quiz

6. Proactive or reactive?

The good landlord quiz: see the results

The best landlords know that property maintenance is part and parcel of being a landlord.

Your property needs to be safe and habitable for your tenants, so good landlords get ahead of the game to avoid issues down the line. If you don’t deal with it proactively, you’ll find yourself on the back foot, sorting out ten problems instead of one.

Luckily, a resounding number of landlords who took our quiz agreed, with 81 per cent saying they deal with property maintenance proactively.