From the frontline of mediation - Hamilton Fraser's Property Podcast

Hamilton Fraser’s Property Podcast is back with another socially distanced episode. In the latest episode, Eddie and Paul are joined by special guest Steve Bowen, a Mediator at the Property Redress Scheme with over 40 years’ experience in the property industry, and an experienced landlord himself.

The closure of courts for six months during the first COVID-19 lockdown caused alarm for many landlords facing problem tenants. The re-opening of the court system, while welcomed, has resulted in landlords facing huge delays due to a “clogged courts system”, especially for non-priority hearings. This presents a problem for landlords looking for a swift and effective solution to property disputes.

With the court backlog landlords face an uphill battle in securing their property and reclaiming any outstanding rent. Last month the Ministry of Justice confirmed to LandlordZONE that evictions would be halted in ‘high’ as well as ‘very high’ COVID-19 areas, further slowing the process in certain areas. However, with a second national lockdown announced on 31 October, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced that the rental market will remain open alongside current government guidance stating that “public services, such as job centres, courts, and civil registration offices will [also] remain open”.

As an established industry veteran and a qualified civil and commercial mediator, Steve provides his unique insights into the benefits of mediation for both landlords and their tenants. Steve explains how mediation can help landlords avoid a lengthy wait for a court hearing and the importance of creating an open and effective line of communication between both parties.

Eddie, Paul and Steve explain what mediation really means for landlords, why a customer focus could benefit landlords in the long run and also how setting reasonable expectations can help resolve disputes far quicker than you may think (especially in the current climate).

Having mediated on cases from £500 all the way up to £50,000 Steve explains a typical mediation journey from tenant troubles, rent arrears, and how effective relationship management can bring about a quick and easy solution.



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