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Prepare for the winter months

Get winter ready – everything you need to protect your property

We’ve rounded up our best practice advice to help landlords keep their properties well looked after this winter. Find out how to protect your property

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Burst pipes

How to avoid burst pipes in your rental property

We've collected our knowledge and expert advice to help you understand everything you need to know about the cost of burst pipes and how to avoid them

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Severe winter weather

How to protect your property against severe winter weather

Storms, ice and snow can spell disaster for landlords and tenants alike. Find out how to protect your property with our severe winter weather guide

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Fire safety

How to reduce the likelihood of fire in your rental property

As a landlord you are legally obliged to provide suitable fire safe accommodation, find out how you can reduce the chances of a fire in your property

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Tax and legislation

Advice on taxes for UK landlords: The complete guide for 2021/22

Everything landlords need to know about taxes in 2019/20 – including info on expenses, tax strategies for married couples and changes to the UK tax regime

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